Iman Products Was Established In 1995 With The Single Aim Of Producing The Finest, Most Pure Black Seed Oil And Natural Remedies.

In 1995 we were the pioneers of producing Virgin cold pressed black seed oil. The process involved using special cold pressing machines, which crush the seeds with many tons of pressure and, at the same time, maintaining the temperature below 40 degrees centigrade. This is crucial for maintaining virgin quality oil.

The oil is then filtered and bottled in batches to keep the oil fresh and pure.
We have now added many quality products including oil Capsules, Honey, Creams, Hair Oils and specialist Vinegars.

Why Choose Iman Black Seed Oil?

Many different processes exist for the extraction of oil products. Amongst them, the heating/separation process or the use of, in some cases, alcoholic based solvents to ‘cut’ the oil from the seed. These methods, although a cheaper alternative, rely on adding to the product other non-beneficial constituents. This form of ‘dilution’ results in harming the quality and more importantly, the beneficial properties of their products. At Iman, we add nothing so nothing is taken away. Our extraction process involves the use of a patented highly technologically proficient cold pressing technique. This allows us to extract the maximum amount of nutrients from the Black Seeds without adding potentially harmful by-products resulting in you, the consumer, receiving Black Seed oil of the purest virgin quality. Much time and effort has gone into ensuring that every bottle of Iman Virgin Black Seed Oil is of the very highest standard of Excellence. We check for every possible error in the manufacture of our product. That’s why every batch undergoes a stringent laboratory testing procedure in the UK as part of our standard policy.