High Strength Milk Thistle 5500mg Tablets (180 Count)

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LIVER SUPPORT - Natural remedy for liver cleanse detox and repair. May help with symptoms such as cirrhosis, jaundice, & gallbladder disorders.


MAINTAIN GREAT HEALTH - One Bottle of 180 Tablets of pure raw organic Milk Thistle to naturally help maintain good health


BEST SELLING UK PRODUCT - Over 1 Million bottles sold - IMAN’s passionate about health with 25 years of quality. Our original Milk Thistle are created using premium ingredients to ensure the Highest Quality Supplement.


VEGETARIAN & VEGAN FRIENDLY - Suitable for Vegetarian and Vegan Diets.


MAX POTENCY - 5500mg with 80% Silymarin per tablet


You'll receive a bottle of 180 tablets total.

Our all natural Milk Thistle has its pureness guaranteed on every bottle. Your health comes first and deserves considerate ingredients that provide long lasting results, that’s why you’ll find no confusing and detrimental short term chemicals in our products.

You’ll receive the best of nature from cultivation to their bottle, producing a rich bounty of nutrients and preserving their natural purity, that's why you’ll find in our product the highest level of Quality in our Milk Thistle

Your loved ones and yourself deserve the best out of life, great health is a wonderful gift and that’s what we’ve been passionate about for over 25 years.